UT30 Aluminium Weather Station Tower
The professionals choice for automatic weather stations
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The UT30 is a 10 m tubular aluminium tower in three sections. The sections are triangular in cross-section and consist of three aluminium tubes braced by continuous aluminium rod welded in a multiple ‘Z’ pattern. This gives a very low overall weight and either tower can be erected by two people.

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Benefits and Features

  • Low weight for easy erection combined with high strength for durability


Technical Description

The standard tower base consists of three coated mild steel legs approximately 1 m long which are designed to be concreted into a hole 60 cm square and 1 m deep. Roof mounting bases are also available (we recommend that roof mounted towers should be guyed). Both come complete with mountings for standard enclosures (ENC 10/12 and ENC 12/14) and a grounding kit. For particularly severe environmental conditions, an optional guying kit is available which includes anchors for the guy ropes. These also need setting in concrete at specified points relative to the tower base. The towers pivot to the ground to allow maintenance.


Material Aluminium, with coated steel base section and stainless steel fasteners.
Height 10 m in three sections, with a 1.5 m top tube
Weight 40 kg
Shipping Size 3.05 x 0.5 x 0.5 m
Maximum Gust Survival
  • 45 ms-1 (unguyed)
  • >60 ms-1 (guyed)

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