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The New Look of Campbell Scientific

Together, we are Campbell Scientific, working as partners to measure the world. Over the years, we’ve evolved to better satisfy...

(1:06) Uploaded: 10/7/2022

Webinar | What's Clouding Your Measurements

In this 30-minute webinar, Richard McKay, Senior Product Manager at Campbell Scientific, explores the challenges and important solutions involved in...

(45:18) Uploaded: 10/5/2021

VSPECT—Understanding the Basics

A simple animated explanation of what VSPECT is and how this technology increases the measurement precision in all vibrating wire...

(3:10) Uploaded: 8/17/2021

Unboxing the New BaroVUE™10

See what's in the box when you receive your BaroVUE™10 Digital Barometer from Campbell Scientific. Learn just how easy it...

(1:42) Uploaded: 7/21/2021

Webinar | Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Campbell Scientific teamed up with experts on surface transportation including Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), WeatherNET, and Caltrans to discuss...

(1:31:46) Uploaded: 6/28/2021

Webinar | VSPECT—Patented Spectral-Analysis Technology

A discussion on how VSPECT can significantly improve your confidence and trust in measurements from any vibrating wire sensor.

(48:50) Uploaded: 5/28/2021

UTBASE Installation

Use the Campbell Scientific UTBASE to mount the UT20 and UT30 Universal Towers to a concrete base. This video demonstrates...

(8:40) Uploaded: 5/25/2021

Solutions for Better Measurements

In this brief video, Hayden Mahan provides a solution to icing problems when making turbulent wind measurements and shares the...

(1:59) Uploaded: 5/4/2021

Steady in the Storm

It's been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. Our new reality has come with challenges as...

(1:35) Uploaded: 4/23/2021

Webinar | Evapotranspiration: Pitfalls to Avoid and Why It’s Easier Than You Think

Measuring evapotranspiration (ET) to understand water loss from a native or a managed ecosystem is easier than it looks, but...

(52:54) Uploaded: 4/7/2021