Retired datalogger

Back in 1985, compact discs (CDs) were first introduced, Windows 1.0 was released, Michael Jordan was named NBA Rookie of the Year, and Campbell Scientific introduced Edlog, a datalogger programming language. Edlog has been used to develop and document programs for Campbell Scientific’s 21X and CR7 dataloggers for over 30 years, and for many other Campbell dataloggers along the way. (See list at bottom.)

Fast forward 33 years and it’s 2018—compact discs have been replaced by streaming music, we now have Windows 10, Michael Jordan retired 15 years ago (for the third time), and we are getting ready to retire our technical support for all products that use Edlog. We have no doubt that those dataloggers with existing Edlog programs running will continue to take good measurements and store good data for years to come. However, it is time to end our free support of this decades-old programming language. 

Beginning on 1 January 2019, if you need help programming or troubleshooting an Edlog datalogger, you may need to purchase service time. When you request help from a support or sales engineer, they will estimate the number of hours required to resolve the issue, and can give you a formal quote. You can then decide whether to proceed or not. Our user forum may provide answers to your Edlog datalogger questions. Or refer to the manuals for retired dataloggers, which can be found on our website.

If you choose to repurpose an Edlog datalogger, we recommend that you use Short Cut, our free program generator. Short Cut is a great menu-driven programming tool, supporting our standard and generic sensors, and many of our multiplexers. When you are ready to transition to our new dataloggers—faster, more rugged, and more capable than ever—contact our sales engineers at 435-227-9120. 

Campbell Scientific has always offered free support for dataloggers. This will still be true, with the exception of the following products (beginning 1 Jan 2019), which use Edlog as their programming language.

  • Dataloggers: CR10, CR10T, CR10X, CR10X-TD, CR10X-PB, CR500, CR510, CR510-TD, CR510-PB, 21X, CR23X, CR23X-TD, CR23X-PB, CR7
  • Systems: 010, 011, 012, NW8000, NW8001, ET106, T.Weather, WSPRO, ET101, METDATA1, W2000, 023/CO2, 023A, PST3, PST8, SWD1

Short Cut program generator and Edlog still exist for those who use them; however, they will not be included in future software updates. 

Also see the "Retired Products and Changes in Services" article from the 1st Quarter 2018 newsletter issue.