Since we released our CS450 and CS455 pressure transducers a few years back, they have seen great success with hundreds in operation throughout the world. These transducers have demonstrated excellent quality, reliability, and measurement accuracy. We have taken another step forward with the release of the CS451 and CS456, which replace the CS450 and CS455, respectively.

The new transducers have a smaller gap between the water ports and the diaphragm. A smaller gap means less trapped air that the user must remove during deployment. Trapped air causes the transducers' readings to drift as the air slowly dissolves into the water.

As with the previous models, the CS451 has a 316L stainless-steel case that can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams; the CS456 has a rugged titanium case that allows it to be used in saltwater or other harsh environments. The transducers' output remains unchanged, with SDI-12 and RS-232 signals. The high-accuracy option, providing an accuracy of ±0.05% full-scale range, is still available.