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Konect GDS Konect Global Data Service
Cloud-based Data Collection, Display, and Archive
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Konect Data Services from Campbell Scientific are designed with security from the datalogger all the way to your browser. Built around the latest technologies, we can collect, archive, present and relay your data in a variety of ways, all the time ensuring your data remains safe, secure but highly accessible when you need it.

A simple low monthly subscription ensures that this service is cost effective whether you have a single logger or a large network of stations.

Free to sign up and a 30 Days free trial*

To find out more visit the Konect GDS website

Konect dashboards Konect safe secure Konect reports
Use the new Konect View Studio to design your own live updating dashboards.

We take our role as custodian of your data seriously. Security is key with Konect.

Use scheduled reports to relay your data elsewhere on your behalf.

Konect pakbus routing Konect kiosk mode Konect devices

Dynamic IP causing you a headache, let Konect smooth the way with a PakBus Router - see separate Router Page

Use Kiosk Mode to share your dashboards with others or produce live updating displays. Konect supports a wide range of Campbell Scientific devices and the list keeps growing.
Konect queries and exports Konect notifications Konect widgets

Use table and chart queries to search, display and export from your data archive.

Konect can keep you informed through integrated notifications. Choose from an expanding set of widgets to display your data in powerful ways.

*Trial accounts run for 30 days from when your trial account passport is created; regardless of whether you have added a device or not. Trial accounts are limited to a single device and only include the basic subscription, SIM cards, SMS and other premium features are not included. Your account will automatically expire at the end of 30 days unless you choose to upgrade to a full account. Upon expiry, a trial account will become inaccessible and data collection from associated devices will stop. There is a 30-day grace period during which you will still be able to upgrade to a full account, after which your access will be restored, any associated device will be transitioned to a paid subscription and collection will resume. We reserve the right to expire an account at any point during the trial period without notice.

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Benefits and Features

  • Data collected and archived simply, safely and securely
  • Data accessed from any Internet-enabled device with a suitable browser
  • Easy to configure
  • Drag-and-drop components make data displays easy to configure
  • Provides: Quality Control Rules, Alerts, Integrated Messaging, Tabular views, Chart Views, Map Views, Status Information
  • Konect PakBus Router is a simple way to bypass Dynamic IP issues and helps to take the headache out of dynamic mobile/cellular data communications. It is available as a standalone-service

  • With Konect PakBus Router as a stand-alone service, simply bypass dynamic IP issues and make dynamic mobile/cellular data communication easier
  • Image and dynamic image widget allows display of an uploaded or linked-to image


Technical Description

The service collects the data and stores it safely and securely in the cloud allowing access through the Konect GDS platform on any internet enabled device with a suitable browser - data is displayed in either tabular or graphical formats.

We can supply a SIM suitable for use across Europe or customers can provide their own data sim.

A single monthly subscription option keeps things simple with optional extras such as a package of SMS messages can also be purchased if required.

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