In Her Own Words: An Interview with a Recent Campbell Scientific Training Course Participant

by Ramatoulaye Nabi | Updated: 05/23/2024 | Comments: 0

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Virtual and in-person training

In our ongoing exploration of employee training in environmental monitoring, we turn the spotlight to the real-life experiences of those who have benefitted from Campbell Scientific's training programs. Today, we chat with Anca Tarcu, Senior Meteorological Officer at Met Éireann (The Irish Meteorological Service). Anca recently participated in a Campbell Scientific training course and was interviewed by Ramatoulaye Nabi, a marketing and communications specialist at Campbell Scientific.

Interview Q&A

What were your overall impressions of the training program?

I found the training to be very well structured, offering a perfect balance between theory, practical exercises, and breaks to allow for information absorption. It provided a clear and engaging learning experience.

Did the training meet your expectations and learning objectives?

Absolutely. I needed to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter, transitioning from basic knowledge to practical application. The training program delivered exactly that.

How did the training benefit your knowledge and skills in environmental monitoring?

As someone who manages a network of weather stations using Campbell Scientific loggers, modems, and sensors, the training filled in critical knowledge gaps. It helped me understand the inner workings of these units, allowing me to optimize their setup and select the most suitable equipment for future projects.

How do you plan to apply what you learned in your professional work?

The training will empower me to make better choices when selecting parameters and equipment for future network deployments.

Would you recommend Campbell Scientific training to others in your field? Why or why not?

Absolutely! The training is tailored to customer needs, and the well-paced structure with a balanced mix of teaching elements make it highly effective.

What other training opportunities are you interested in pursuing to further develop your skills in environmental monitoring?

For those without an instrumentation background, general training courses on weather sensors and their electronics would be particularly valuable.

How do you stay updated on the latest advancements in environmental monitoring technology and best practices?

I actively seek out relevant blogs, articles, and information on new monitoring technology being tested.

What surprised you most about the training?

It highlighted how easily information can be grasped when presented with a proper foundation and practical applications tailored to the customer's needs.

What element of the training resonated with you the most and why?

The sessions on logger programming and integrating new sensors were incredibly useful and directly applicable to my work. Additionally, the examples showcasing various communication units and their applications were very insightful.

Imagine you have to explain the training to a friend in one sentence. What would you say?

It's a comprehensive program that balances knowledge delivery with hands-on application, providing a strong foundation to understand, troubleshoot, and program loggers and modems, ultimately deepening your knowledge through practical exercises in sensor integration, logger programming for diverse measurements, and various data dissemination methods.

An Investment in Knowledge

This interview with Anca provides a glimpse into the valuable learning experience Campbell Scientific's training programs offer. By investing in continuous learning opportunities, environmental monitoring professionals can stay ahead of the curve, enhance their skillsets, and contribute to their organizations’ successes.

Learn more about our training opportunities at our Customer Training page.

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