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Documenting Data Logger Wiring Using an Excel Template

This video demonstrates how to create a wiring diagram for a data logger system using a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains...

(5:41) Uploaded: 3/22/2024

Analyzing a CRBasic Program to Deduce Sensor Wiring

This video demonstrates how to use the CRBasic Editor and sensor specifications to analyze measurement instructions and deduce wiring diagrams...

(7:13) Uploaded: 3/11/2024

Creating Custom Menus in CRBasic for a Data Logger Display

CRBasic includes the ability to create custom menus for data logger displays, such as integrated displays or the CR1000KD. This...

(8:28) Uploaded: 2/8/2024

CRBasic Functions

This video explains the benefits of using functions in CRBasic programs, highlights the differences between functions and subroutines, and demonstrates...

(6:23) Uploaded: 1/24/2024

CRBasic in the Real World Part 5: Changing the Sensor Used in a Program and Program Versioning

In this video, I will demonstrate changing the sensor used in a program and how to use program versioning to...

(5:42) Uploaded: 9/29/2023