The HS2P HydroSense II Pole, Campbell Scientific’s newest HydroSense soil-water measurement product, facilitates both the insertion of the probe into the soil and its removal. The HS2P has an aluminum insertion pole that is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to handle repeated soil insertions and removals. Because the pole is used from a standing position, there is no need to bend over to insert and then remove the probe for each measurement. In addition, the “T” design of the pole facilitates probe insertion into heavier soils.

The aluminum insertion pole has a mounting base for the HS2 handheld display as well as either of two volumetric water-content probes designed for the system. The HS2P probes (the CS658P and the CS659P) feature an insertion stop that minimizes the damage to turf grass and increases the consistency of the measurement. 

The HS2P, with the CS658P or CS659P, uses the same technology and offers the same measurement capability provided by our HS2 handheld display combined with a CS658 or CS659 probe.

  • The CS658P is similar to the CS658, having 20 cm rods that are suitable for measurements in soils with landscape materials.
  • The CS659P is similar to the CS659, having 12 cm rods that are suitable for measurements in grassy areas.

Professionals in landscaping, turf grass, nursery, grounds maintenance, and other industries can purchase individual components of the HS2P system either for replacement or for use with an existing HS2 handheld display. Also available are a carrying tote for transport and storage of the HS2P, and a hard carrying case for the HS2 handheld display.

For more details and pricing information, contact Campbell Scientific.