EE181-L air temperature and relative humidity probe

The EE181 temperature and relative-humidity probe is now available for orders, and is shipping worldwide. We are offering the EE181 as a solution for long-term, unattended applications that require a rugged, accurate air-temperature and relative-humidity (RH) sensor with outstanding long-term stability and reliability.

We expect that the EE181 will outlast many other temperature/RH sensors on the market, meaning you won’t have to replace your sensors as frequently. The EE181’s proprietary coating on the RH element increases the life of the element and protects it from dirt, dust, salt, or other contaminants. This design makes it ideal for high humidity, corrosive, polluted, and marine environments.

The sensor head is easy to clean, simplifying maintenance and upkeep.

The EE181 pairs with the new RAD10E radiation shield, which enhances sensor performance, increases measurement accuracy, and improves equipment lifespan.

Find out more information about the EE181 and RAD10E, including the sensor specifications, by visiting the product pages and blog article on our website.