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CH201 12 V Charging Regulator
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The CH201 is a microcontroller-based smart charge controller that is ideal for charging 12 Vdc VRLA batteries. The charger uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology to safely manage amperage and voltage for optimal battery charging and longevity. It has dual inputs for use with a solar panel and/or any 15 to 50 Vdc charging source. The dual inputs provide the option for fail-safe charging. The CH201 also outputs various parameters to allow close monitoring of the battery and power usage via RS-232 or SDI-12.

In your system, use the CH201 to charge your battery and supply power to your peripherals and data logger. The 12 V output is regulated and switched, with the ability to charge a 12 V battery at a rate of 10 A.

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Benefits and Features

  • Dual inputs for simultaneous charging, allowing a fail-safe if one source drops out
  • Real-time measurements of charging source voltages, battery voltage, battery charging current, load current, charge state, and on-board temperature, plus a check-battery flag
  • Efficient continuously adaptive MPPT (maximum power point tracking)
  • Two-step constant voltage charging and temperature compensation to optimize battery charging and increase battery life
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Programmable LVD (low-voltage disconnect) to protect batteries
  • DevConfig user interface to change system parameters or install a new OS
  • Two 15 to 50 Vdc inputs to accommodate multiple solar panels
  • Synchronous rectification in the switching regulator for increased DC/DC conversion efficiency
  • Individually programmable current limits on both of two inputs
  • Solid-state circuit breaker for automatic reset and more precise trip current
  • DC-to-DC converter with built-in output current control
  • Serial communication wiring through three terminals


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CH201 with Ships With items
CH201 with Ships With items
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Technical Description

The CH201 provides 10 A of charge current, making it ideal for systems with short periods of sun, or higher-current draw systems that require higher recharge rates. The CH201 has two input terminals that enable fail safe charging should one source drop out. It also incorporates an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithm to maximize available solar. The CH201 has a programmable, low-voltage disconnect to help protect the battery. RS-232 and SDI-12 terminals allow the CH201 to be configured and to convey charging parameters to a data logger.

Compared to the CH200, the CH201 offers faster charging with the use of larger solar panels, up to 160 W. (Larger solar panels can be connected; however, when the system is running at full power, not all the current will be used.)

Compared to the SunSaver SS-10-12V, the CH201 offers:

  • Dual inputs
  • Current monitoring via RS-232 and SDI-12
  • Configurability
  • Low-voltage disconnect (The SunSaver SS-10-12VL has LVD.)
  • Low current drain


Operational Temperature -40° to +60°C (VRLA battery manufacturers state that “heat kills batteries” and recommend operating batteries at less than 50°C.)
IP Rating IP51
Dimensions 11.4 x 10.08 x 3.38 cm (4.49 x 3.97 x 1.33 in.)
Weight 226.8 g (0.5 lb)

SOLAR Terminals (Solar Panel or Other DC Source)

-NOTE- Battery voltages below 8.7 V may result in less than 3.0 A current limit because of fold-back current limit.
Input Voltage Range 15 to 50 Vdc

Battery Charging

-NOTE- Two-step temperature-compensated constant-voltage charging for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries; cycle and float charging voltage parameters are programmable with the default values listed.
Maximum Charging Current 10 A
CYCLE Charging Vbatt(T) = 14.70 V - (24 mV) x (T-25°C)
FLOAT Charging Vbatt(T) = 13.65 V - (18 mV) x (T-25°C)

Quiescent Current

No Charge Source Present 300 µA maximum
No Battery Connected Typical 5 mA at 40 Vdc

Power Out (+12 Terminals)

  • Unregulated 12 V from battery
  • 4.6 A solid-state circuit breaker; self-resettable thermal
LVD (Low-Voltage Disconnect) 6 Vdc (default)


Input Voltage ±(1% of reading + 15 mV)
Battery Voltage ±(2% of reading + 15 mV)
Load Current ±(2% of reading + 2 mA)

Impulse-type changes in current may have an average current error of ±(10% of reading + 2 mA).
Battery Current ±(2% of reading + 10 mA)

Impulse-type changes in current may have an average current error of ±(10% of reading + 2 mA).
Charger Temperature ± 2°C


Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.

Power Supplies

Product Compatible Note
SP370-L undersized


Product Compatible Note
6186 (retired)

Additional Compatibility Information

Data Loggers

The CH201 is compatible with SDI-12 data loggers for communications. The CH201 could power any data logger with 12 V.

Resources and Links


CH201 Example Programs v.2 (3 KB) 11-01-2022

Two CR1000X data logger programs that monitor the CH201. One example program uses RS-232, and the other example program uses SDI-12 communications.

CH201 OS v.3.0 (431 KB) 29-03-2024

Execution of this download installs the CH201 Operating System on your computer.  

Note: The Device Configuration Utility is used to upload the included operating system to the CH201.

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FAQs for

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    • The CH201 can monitor incoming and outgoing currents, battery voltage, and temperature.
    • The CH201 uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology, which is much more efficient and prolongs battery life compared with the 18529's PWM (pulse width modulated) method.
    • The 12 Vdc output terminals of the CH201 (or load terminals) are limited to 4.65 A current, whereas the 18529's terminals are not.
    • The CH201 has an LVD (low voltage disconnect) that is set by the user to save battery life, but the 18529 does not have an LVD.
  1. The total that the CH201 can handle is 10 A. However, unless the two inputs have exactly the same voltage, only one source will be used. Therefore, technically, both sources can be 10 A each, assuming that they will not operate at the same voltage and trip the thermal fuse.

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