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Basic Troubleshooting 3: Measuring Current Drain

This video demonstrates how to insert multimeter leads in series with the power ground wire to measure the total current...

(4:12) Uploaded: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 2: Checking Continuity

This video demonstrates using a digital multimeter to check for continuity. Continuity is the presence of a complete path for...

(2:15) Uploaded: 11/21/2023

Basic Troubleshooting 1: Measuring Data Logger Output Voltage With a Multimeter

This is the start of a new video series focused on troubleshooting Campbell Scientific data loggers and their connected devices....

(3:54) Uploaded: 11/21/2023

Water Sampler Power Supply and Pump Troubleshooting

See how to do the following: access the sampler power supply and pump, check the voltage in and out, check...

(3:33) Uploaded: 5/12/2017

Water Sampler Vacuum Troubleshooting

Learn what to do if your water sampler won't pull a sample into the metering chamber. The following items are...

(4:55) Uploaded: 5/12/2017

Water Sampler Controller Troubleshooting

CAUTION: Discharge any static electricity before you begin. Simply touch a metal object before removing the controller cover. The internal...

(6:26) Uploaded: 5/12/2017

Connect Window Tutorial

LoggerNet Connect gives you a dashboard view of what's happening with each datalogger in your network. PC400 and PC200W have...

Uploaded: 8/26/2016

Connect - Station Status

The Status Table contains information on the condition of your datalogger. Select the Station Status to quickly see: the operating...

(2:23) Uploaded: 8/25/2016

Connect - Settings Editor

Your datalogger contains many settings to configure the communication options for your network. Generally it is best practice to view...

(1:24) Uploaded: 8/25/2016

Connect Overview

In this video we take a look at some features of the LoggerNet Connect window: connected and disconnected states; pausing...

(2:32) Uploaded: 8/25/2016