CELL2xx Operating System 2.0
Updated: 23-05-2019

  1. (New Feature) Added Network Operator settings to specify cellular carrier network.
  2. (New Feature) Added Serial Client mode.
  3. (New Feature) Added Serial Server/Client mode.
  4. (New Feature) Updated the IP stack to support IPV6.
  5. (New Feature) Added the ability specify PDP authentication settings.
  6. (New Feature) Added Power schedule settings to all of the Serial Server/Client modes.
  7. (New Feature) Added a Start page to user interface when connecting to the CELL2xx over cellular. The start page protects data usage by not responding to 1 second polling.
  8. (Major) The over the air updates to the CELL2XX are now supported after updating to this OS. Directly sending the OS over the USB port is the proper method when updating from CELL_2xx_01_01_000.WEB.OBJ.GZ to CELL_2xx_01_02_000.WEB.OBJ.GZ
  9. (Minor) Allow the Username to be changed under User Accounts.
  10. (Minor) Set the default Terminal SDC Address to 11.