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This lithium battery is included in our CR9000(X), CR10X, and CR510 dataloggers. The 8025 powers the clock and RAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. The battery should be replaced when its voltage falls below 2.4 Vdc.


Model CR2430
Capacity 270 mAhr
Self Discharge Rate 1% of capacity per year
Operating Temperature Range -20° to +60°C
Storage Temperature Range -40° to +60°C
Diameter 2.45 cm (1 in.)
Thickness 0.3 cm (0.12 in.)
Weight 4.54 g (0.01 lb)

FAQs for

Number of FAQs related to 8025: 1

  1. The internal battery is not rechargeable. In the case of low internal battery voltage, data will only be maintained as long as a power supply is connected. Collect all data from the data logger before disconnecting the power. Then, replace the internal battery.

    • For the CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 dataloggers, use the 13519 replacement lithium battery.
    • For the CR5000 datalogger, use the 13497 replacement lithium battery.
    • For the CR9000X and CR9000XC dataloggers, use the 8025 replacement lithium battery.