PT100/3 1/3 Din PT100 Sensor
Highly stable thermometer
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Platinum resistance thermometers are high-stability temperature measurement devices suitable for very wide temperature ranges (-200°C to +650°C). Read More


Technical Description

The PT100/3 probe can be used for both 3-wire half bridge and 4-wire half bridge measurements when used with the appropriate Campbell Scientific Terminal Input Module (TIM). The operating temperature ran for the probe is limited by the type of cable and operating conditions. The PVC cable fitted to the standard probe should not be used at temperatures above 80ºC. If the cable is subject to flexing, the lower temperature limit is -20ºC. However, if the cable is rigidly fixed, without the possibility of flexing, the probe can be used in temperatures down to -50ºC. Other cable types are available to special order to cover temperatures in the range of -200ºC to +650ºC.


Element Type 1/3 DIN (to IEC60751)
Typical PRT Element Error <±0.15°C @ -100°C; <±0.1°C @ 0°C; <±0.19°C @ +100°C; <±0.31°C @ +200°C (excluding datalogger and bridge resistor accuracy)
Maximum temperature of standard probe +80°C (limited by the type of cable and operating conditions)
Standard Cable Length 3 m
Diameter at tip/sensing element 4 mm
Length of Probe 100 mm
Internal wires 4 x 7/0.2 conductors

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