Kalyx-RG Kalyx-RG Aerodynamic Rain Gauge
Low cost – entry level sensor
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The Kalyx-RG is our recommended solutions for scientists and professionals on a limited budget but who still require scientific standard rain data. The gauge is based on the physical size of the traditional 127 mm (5”) Met Office rain gauge and has a unique aerodynamic profile. Read More

Benefits and Features

  • Low Cost - Entry level sensor
  • Can be pole mounted
  • Comparable results to full-size gauge such as ARG100
  • Compact and lightweight


Technical Description

The Kalyx-RG has a standard low density plastic tipping bucket adjusted to 0.2 mm resolution and is produced from UV stabilised external materials.

Traditional cylinder-shaped rain gauges are inaccurate due to the effect of wind blowing over the orifice. The physical presence of the gauges causes air to accelerate, carrying rainfall away from the collecting vessel. The effect of this can be up to a 20% reduction in rainfall catch. The unique aerodynamic shape of this range of scientific standard rain gauges reduces this effect, ensuring a high level of confidence in the accuracy of your measurements.


Tip sensitivity 0.2 mm rain per tip
Output Contact closure (reed switch)
Typical Accuracy 98% at 20 mm/hr 96%+ at 50 mm/hr 95%+ at 120 mm/hr (above 120 mm/hr we recommend mathematical correction - contact CSL)
Rainfall intensity Up to 1000 mm/hr (with mathematical correction - contact CSL)
Colour White


Height - max (with baseplate) 245 mm
Funnel diameter 127 mm (5")
Funnel Area 12,668 mm2
Weight 700 g (without baseplate) 1 Kg (with baseplate)
Height (no baseplate) 225 mm

Resources and Links

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