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Alias concentrate

Pascal Jan 5, 2023 09:29 AM

Hello! (happy new year)

I woukld like to make one basic Programm for several loggers placed on different sites. Alls the sites will have the same instrumentation. Therefore i thougt to make my alias declaration with a concetration of string or so...?

Let's say the sensor name ist Humidtiy1. On the beginnig i declare a Variable or Constant with a short for the site "Site1".

Next I generate the Alias like :

Const Site = "Site1"                                                  'Site1 / Site2 / Site3 etc

Public SDI_Sensor(1)

Alias SDI_Sensor(1) = Site + "_Humidity1"          '= Site1_Humidit1

The idea is taht I change the Constant Site before loading the Programm to the specific logger and have the individual Site specific Datapoint name in each logged file.

With an arduino I would make this in the setup section before the programm loop.

Hoe can iI realise something like that in CRBasic?

String Concentrations apparently not working in the declaration part.

Thanks for any suggestions


JDavis Jan 5, 2023 06:01 PM

Look at the FieldNames() instruction. I believe that will take care of what you want to accomplish.

Pascal Jan 16, 2023 05:54 PM

Hi JDavis

Thank you!

That'll do... :)

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