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SlowSequence versus TimeIntoInterval

Snohomish County SWM Dec 19, 2022 10:47 PM

If a measurement occurs less frequently than the main scan interval is it better to put the measurement in the main scan with an "IF TimeIntoInterval" statement or in a separate SlowSequence scan? As an example, consider a program with a data table with DataInterval set to 15 minutes and the main scan sequence has a 10-second interval and the attached equipment measurement takes place on a 15-minute interval. If a SlowSequence is created with a 15-minute interval which the measurement is placed inside, will the actual measurement occur after the CallTable is executed in the main scan resulting in the stored data table value being the measurement made 15 minutes in the past? If so, and the SlowSequence is a viable option, should CallTable be placed inside of the SlowSequence? Trying to figure out the order of when data gets stored from CallTable in the main scan versus other operations occuring in the SlowSequence scans.

JDavis Dec 21, 2022 06:09 PM

If the measurements will take longer than your 10 second scan rate to finish, use a SlowSequence. The SlowSequence could be on a 10 second rate also with a TimeIntoInterval condition. Schedule the measurement to happen in the 10 seconds before the table is saved by the main scan.

If all measurements could be completed within 10 seconds, then TimeIntoInterval in the main scan is a simpler way to do things.

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