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tob32.exe not working as expected?

Nico Sep 1, 2022 03:18 AM

I tried to use this CLI tool (located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Campbellsci\LoggerNet) to convert a TOA5 dat file coming from a CR200 or CR3000 into binary TOB1 format.. but it produces no output and no CLI error. Using the log output I get this:

2022-09-01 00:38:58 Converter ver: v12.00 Logger OS ver: UNKNOWN Logger DLD: UNKNOWN Logger DLD Sig: UNKNOWN 

If you don't support this anymore, is there any chance you'd make the source code of it public?

pokeeffe Sep 9, 2022 05:38 PM

Are you trying to reduce file size, or is there some other reason to use TOB1 format? If it's just to reduce file size, then why not .zip archive the file? It's decent compression and very interoperable. Certain data packages (e.g. python pandas) can even import the data file without unzipping the archive.

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