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SnowVUE10 Resonant frequency

Alessio Aug 25, 2022 07:00 PM

Dear Sirs,

I have bought a SnowVUE10, and I will install it at a glacier foreland weather station in the Alps. Today I started some simple tests with a CR1000X, and I realized that the metadata (SDI12 command aM9!) reveals a strange resonant frequency (around 120-125 Hz), and consequently, the alert flag is always set to 1. The readings of the distance made with the M1! command issue the best QC (1), and the distances are coherent with the positioning of the sensor (facing the floor).
I did not find anywhere the meaning of this frequency. Can someone explain me? Moreover, should it be related to the type of surface the sensor is facing? Or the reduced distance (now it is positioned at 80 cm from the floor)?
Thank you very much for the help!


JDavis Aug 25, 2022 10:36 PM

Try the sensor outside to see if the resonant frequency goes back to expected range.

Having a low frequency like that makes me wonder if there is really strong AC noise in the building. Loud music would also be in that range.

Alessio Aug 26, 2022 08:58 AM

Dear JDavis,

I am sorry, but I wrote the units wrong: it was, and it is 123.4 kHz, the resonant frequency. I placed it outside the sensor, the readings are correct (distance, QC less than 3, there are more roughnesses), but the resfreq is at 123.4 kHz. There was not (and there is not) loud music, and the wind was (and it is) calm (the gust is less than 2 m/s). The power supply to the CR1000X previously was a battery with an AC/DC transformer, and now there is only the battery. Some high-power lanes are nearby, but the distance from the sensor is greater than 1 km.

Thank you for your further help


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