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RF411A linked loggers?

131 Jul 28, 2022 11:45 PM

I have a site where we currently have a CR850 logging SDI12 river level data downstream of a dam, telemetry is via cellular modem. A client now requires water quality parameters from the dam, so I'm going to use another CR850 at the dam, with a RF411A link. Can the river level logger be used as a primary logger, collecting and logging data from both instrument inputs? Or do I have to collect data separately from each logger?


Mick Yemm.

jtrauntvein Jul 30, 2022 04:09 AM

The datalogger on the river can be programmed to collect data from the second logger into a/some table(s) That have the same record structure as the table being collected. 

Alternatively, you can configure the river logger as a pakbus router which allows a client like loggernet to communicate indirectly with the second logger.  In this case, loggernet would be collecting data from both loggers indivually.  An advantage of this approach is that loggernet, pc400, or devconfig  can then be used remotely to perform maintenance such as data monitoring, setting variables, updating programs and operating system and to update the datalogger clock.

In either case, you will need to assign unique pakbus addresses to both daraloggers and check the "Is Router" setting on the river logger. The settings for the dataloggers and the configuration for loggernet using the network planner program which is available in loggernet and loggernet admin.  If that is the route you choose, you can drag and drop devices like dataloggers, radios, and loggernet from the device palette onto a canvas and you can then create links between these nodes.  You can also specify activities that would take place between dataloggers such as logger to logger data collection or between dataloggers and loggernet such as scheduled data collection.  If you were to choose the logger to logger collection, the network planner will generate code snippets that can be copied into the program and used with little modification.

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