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Konect PakBus Router

luisfgranada Jun 12, 2022 09:28 PM


I would like to know what kind of service is Konect PakBus Router and if I can create one myself for all our dataloggers instead of contracting this service to Campbell.

I know how the service works and what it's designed for. I just want to know if I can build this kind of server/router so all of our Campbell CR1000X/CR310 dataloggers can use it.


jtrauntvein Jun 13, 2022 09:59 PM

The functionality of the Konect/PakBus router can be performed by any capable datalogger (CR1000, CR800, CR3000, CR6, CR300, CR350, CR1000X, GRANITE 9, or GRANITE 10) that has TCP/IP connection on a public internet address and that is configured in its settings as a PakBus router.  It can also be accomplished by using an NL201 or NL241 which also has a TCP/IP connection on a public internet address.  Finally, this can be done within LoggerNet by configuring a PakBus/TCP Server device in the network map using the setup screen.  In this last case, LoggerNet (or at least the PakBus/TCP port value) should be a service on a public internet address.

If LoggerNet or any other device intended to run as s router is placed behind a firewall, than that firewall must be configured to allow port forwarding on the intended address(es).

Thein Jun 14, 2022 06:41 AM

Hi luisfgranada,

Yes, you can. But you need to have static IP address or DNS subscription, administrative access to your office router and LoggerNet sofware on your computer. If you have all this, you can set up your own PackBus TCP Client Router as follows:-

1) Set your computer IP to static IP address, if it is dynamic

2) Forward port "6785" & "6789" for TCP/IP Connections at your office router (assuming that your router already got static IP address) for your computer with static IP address.

3) Open DeviceConfig Utilities and connect your datalogger, go to Network Services tab, at PakBus/TCP Clients, put address as your router static IP address, for the port leave it as "6785".

4) From LoggerNet setup screen, add root as "PakbusTCPServer", ensure that at hardware tab "IP Port used for callback" is "6785".(Offcourse you can use different port number except those are reserved for CSI device and server). Add the data logger with a unique pakbus address to "PakbusTCPServer", and save.

Now, you've got a Pakbus Router as Konect does. If you wish to use mobile apps like LoggerNetMobile or LoggerLink you can setup as follows:-

1) For LoggerNetMobile app, add server by adding Address as your router static IP address, Port as "6789" and USR & PWD as you set in LoggerNet Server on your computer, then save. Once you connect to this newly added server, you will see all dataloggers on your mobile that has on your LoggerNet server on your computer.

2) For LoggerLink app, add datalogger by key in TCP Settings' Address as your router static IP Address, Port leave it as "6785". Then autodiscover the dataloggers linked to your LoggerNet server by pressing magifying glass at PakBus Settings, Address. Then all avaible datalogger will pop up. Choose the logger you want to add. It's cool.

I have a Konect Router subscription services since 6 years ago and I still maintaining it eventhougth I have a router of my own. Actually I gain knoweldege to setup on my own from the subscription of Konect router services. And thus, for a little bit of token of appreciation, I still maintaining Konect Router Services. Beside this I stall have an advantages of having another route to connect to my dataloggers in case our server down at office. So, I strongly advise your to subscribe Konect Router Services.

Best of luck!

luisfgranada Jun 14, 2022 11:26 AM

Hi guys,

jtrauntvein, thanks for the information. Thein thanks for the detailed answer, I will give it a try.


luisfgranada Jul 23, 2022 08:10 PM

Hi Thein,

Just to let you know that I have tested your solution and it's working. Thank you very much!

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