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Using the Geokon Model 4500 Standard Piezometer to measure water depth of a lake

DuyDSI Mar 16, 2022 09:58 AM

I have a datalogger CR800 and an AVW200. So are there anyone use the Geokon 4500 Standard Piezometer to measure the water depth of an open waterbody (e.g Lake or river)?

smile Mar 17, 2022 07:55 AM

I have used other similar probes. With short cut you can create a program quickly. What are the other issues? Is the pressure range adequate for the depth you want to measure? Is the cable long and ventilated enough to have a correct correction of the measurement according to the barometric pressure?

DuyDSI Mar 17, 2022 10:20 AM

I used the standard VW piezometer from Slop Indicator in the past, I just want to know someone is using the ones from Geokon and it is fine so I will have an alternative choice.

JDavis Mar 17, 2022 03:17 PM

That sensor has definitely been used before for lake depth. If you don't already have a sensor, I suggest asking the manufacturer for a recommendation. The sensor manufacturers can tell you which particular model is best for your application.

If the lake changes water level over a big range, or changes rapidly, a bubbler is an option you should consider.

KVWilson Sep 1, 2022 03:57 AM

This post is under review.

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