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Cr1000 data logger with TDR100

C_Clarkson Oct 19, 2020 08:27 AM


I am trying to do testing with the CS640 instrument connected to the TdR100 which I have being powered by the CR1000

i have used PC-TDR to create my desired configuration of CS640 instrument and the TdR100. I then generated a code which I understand is to be programmed to the Cr1000. I removed my RS 232 cable from the TdR100 and connected the CR1000 and established a successful connection to the PC using PC200w. I then attempt to send the program to the Cr1000 but I experience an error with locating a public file which contains the variables for the CS640 instrument necessary to take the reading   

I have searched my computer directory and have not found and 'public' file, I have also searched through the Campbell sci website and download and can not find these files, can you please help me understand how I can access the public folder to allow the Cr1000 to be successfully programmed 

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