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Records the number of hours of sunshine
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The CSD 3 is designed for use in agricultural meteorology (evaporation), tourist information (number of sunshine hours) and building automation (automatic control of sunblinds) applications. Read More

Benefits and Features

  • Sealed, circular sensor connectors on lid of canister
  • Two cable-entry seals for routing sensor or external communications cables
  • Integrated battery bracket that can accommodate up to a 24 Ahr rechargeable battery
  • Configurable as an ALERT transmitter and repeater
  • Input and transmission event data logging

Technical Description

CSD 3 measures solar radiation through a high quality glass tube. It has no moving parts and uses 3 photo-diodes with specially designed diffusers to make an analogue calculation of when it is sunny. The output is switched high or low to indicate sunny or not sunny conditions. The calculated direct irradiance value is also available.

The waterproof plug-and-socket cable connection enables easy installation and servicing. The standard cable is 15 m long, 25 m is an option. The large drying cartridge with screw-on cap gives extended change intervals, and a humidity indicator shows clearly when this is necessary. CSD 3 operates from 12 VDC power and has two levels of built-in heating to dissipate rain, snow and frost. These are normally switched externally, but an optional internal thermostat control is available. A robust mounting arm is fitted to the base of the instrument.

Sunshine duration is defined by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) as the time during which the direct solar radiation exceeds the level of 120 W/m², and is normally measured in hours.

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