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The Annual Scientific Meeting provides the opportunity to network with geoscientists from across the country. Collaborative and networking opportunities are enhanced by hosting meetings jointly with complementary scientific societies. In 2024 the CGU will be joined by the Canadian Society of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (CSAFM).

Meetings provide the opportunity to:

  • Present current research to geoscientific colleagues and learn about the activities of other geoscientists.
  • Emphasize Canadian-focused research alongside global research.
  • Recognize and support winners of CGU awards and student paper awards.
  • Attend invited and plenary presentations.
  • Attend information sessions held by granting agencies.
  • Participate in annual Section and Executive meetings.
  • Participate in geoscience and professional development workshops.

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Date: May 26-29, 2024
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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