All-in-one software suite for meteorology and aviation

Campbell NEO is a modular, futureproof, and secure web platform for Meteorology, Aviation Weather, Climatology and Hydrology.

It allows weather forecasters to monitor, analyse, manipulate, overlay data, and apply their expertise to generate meteorological products, such as the generation and dissemination of natural hazard warnings, pilot met briefings and more.

The software is platform agnostic. It can run on-premise, in the cloud and on Linux to ingest and integrate various environmental observations and forecast data.


Aviation weather insight

Providing the tools to: 

  • issue airport and en-route airspace forecast products
  • support flight planning documentation for air traffic controllers and pilots
  • complement AWOS and RVR systems already in place
  • adhere to strict industry regulations

Early Warning System

Ensuring fast response to rapidly developing severe weather events: 

  • integrate multiple data sources to build a comprehensive forecast model of weather events
  • build and disseminate CAP alerts based on pre-defined thresholds
  • ensure adherence to Early Warnings For All initiative from the WMO

GBON project-ready

GBON-ready software solution for: 

  • gaining insight from your data to make critical decisions
  • flexible and scalable growth as additional weather stations are added
  • secure data transfer using up-to-date standards, soon to include WIS2.0
  • easy handling and manipulation of many meteorological data sources

Climate data trends

Climatological database allowing:

  • graphical representation of historical climatological data to determine trends
  • input of data from multiple different sources to build comprehensive database
  • generation of climatological reports based validated, value-added, computed data

Message-switching technology at the core

Campbell NEO is built around a powerful message-switching tool, enabling integration of data from multiple data sources in different formats.

Fast data decryption allows for clear visualisations of data, from radar, to satellite, ground observation stations, historical datasets and more. 

Ensure accurate decisions based on the data relevant to your application, and scale as needed.

Native integration with Campbell Scientific dataloggers allows for seamless data visualisation from Campbell Scientific weather stations. 


Trusted around the world

A global customer base using our systems daily for critical decision-making. 

Ready to find out more?

Campbell NEO provides the flexibility you need to be bring together the right data for the right decisions. To find out more about which modules are best suited to your application, and how Campbell NEO could improve your operations, please get in touch with our team. 



If you require support for an existing installation of Campbell NEO or any of our legacy MESSIR line of products, please get in touch with us at

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