B18 Concrete Mounting Base for UT20 and UT30


The B18 Concrete Mounting Base secures a UT20 or UT30 tower to a concrete pad. The B18 consists of the hardware that is set into the concrete as the base is being poured. When using this base, our UTGUY Tower Guy Kit is recommended. 

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Campbell Scientific encourages the use of the UTBASE rather than the B18 or RFM18, as the UTBASE is easier and quicker to install, and it is more durable.


Technical Description

The B18 consists of three steel tubes and three hinged connection assemblies. Each hinged connection assembly includes one steel sleeve, two steel plates, two grade 5 bolts, and one washer. The tower legs fit into the steel sleeves, and the hinged connection assembly attaches to the steel tubes via the washer and bolts. The steel tubes are then embedded in concrete.


Material Steel
Bolt Description 3/8 in grade 5
Washer Diameter 7.6 cm (3 in.)

Steel Tubes

Diameter 3.175 cm (1.25 in.)
Length 121.92 cm (48 in.)
Wall Thickness 2.11 mm (0.083 in.)

Steel Sleeves

Diameter 3.175 cm (1.25 in.)
Length 15.24 cm (6 in.)
Wall Thickness 2.11 mm (0.083 in.)

Steel Plates

Dimensions 25.4 x 3.81 x 0.635 cm (10 x 1.5 x 0.25 in.)