31897 RJ45 Pin (Male) to Terminal Dongle Data Cable


The 31897 can be plugged into the RJ45 RS-232 port on a CR6 or CR1000X datalogger to connect the data logger to an RS-232 sensor. 

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Technical Description

Pinout Description

PN 31897

Pin #


1 (Orange/White)

Transmit (Tx)

2 (Orange)

Receive (Rx)

3 (Green/White)

100 Ω Res Ground

4 (Purple)

Data A (CPI)

5 (Purple/White)

Data B (CPI)

6 (Green)

100 Ω Res Ground

7 (Brown/White)

Sync B

8 (Brown)

Sync A


Cable Length 15.24 cm (6.0 in.)
Total Length 21.84 cm (8.6 in.)
Weight 27.22 g (0.06 lb)

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